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    1. Looking like are cartoon charactor is not an improvement either.
      Makeup shots looked fucked up too.

    2. Have to agree with Frank, the “makeup” shots look like some distorted, genetically challenged anime characters, not a good look.

  1. Cool show. Put girls on TV with “pretty pictures” only to reveal how ugly they are. Must do wonders for their self esteem.

    1. I’ve never been rejected by them because I have standards and would never ask one on a date.

    2. Says they guy who goes by “da real deal”, I’m certain you are just a model of manliness… bet is that you are an overweight black man with a busted face and no concept of of reality.

  2. You know what the biggest fucking fail is?

    This site, which when you click on the image to make it bigger, it gets smaller. Click again and its back to normal size.

    To small to see anything!

    1. This is Epic Fail, yup. That’s the least of its problems. I’ve got 1 month old machine and a good connection, but some of the vids you can make a cup of coffee and still wind up waiting.

    2. and knowing all that, you STILL come here regularly just to slag the site off????? I’m off to watch something I hate just so I can complain about it…My life is over.

    1. Yes they can, you can put make-up on your eyes to make them look considerably larger. Still could be shopped, but doesn’t have to be.

    2. Gooks paint eyes on their eyelids to make their eyes not look squinted; unless they’re rich, in which case they have surgery to not look like mongoloids.

    3. Again, I would love to see what someone like Albert looks like. Most of the idiots on this site that refer to people as things like gooks, slants, mongoloids, etc. are probably hideous examples of humanity to look at, which is why they feel compelled to hide behind their keyboards and bash others. Way to go douche knuckle.

  3. This is why you don’t trust asian girls. Either they’re packing a schlong or they look like hideous dogs when they take all the makeup off.

  4. Family picture of “me”. “Fishy”, “zero”, “Dora (Aka FInger Fuck FRED” in Drag…. and Ambrosia….

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