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    1. What if he’s just bullshitting? I’d want to see it first(the ring) or you just whacked off someone for free. Even hookers charge for a hand job.

    2. @PrincessLayla: post the naked photos on epic fail, we will judge if you’re worth the hand job.

    3. @Ambrosia, You charge $20.00 for a blow=job.
      Too late….. “FISHY” Gave him a blow-job and nude pic. “FISHY” has the ring… It’ from a CRACKER BOX…..

    4. At least I don’t do what 2homoleo does. Takes it up the ass then licks the shit off of the guy’s cock.

    5. Slut.

      Send me some :). I’ll take a handjob too. I’m gay, but hey a handy j is a handy j. 🙂


    1. lol! no, I have better things to do. Those two should just exchange numbers and text each other so they wont bore everyone with their useless banter.

  1. This can be seen as a win
    a. He is an honest person giving the ring back.
    b. He is making a fair good deal with an object he has no interest with.

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