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    1. Fuck off for being angry that someone other than your dumb ass was first, you’re all a bunch of bitch ass retards.

    1. the Jews were terrible persecuted in world war 2, they did not stand there, they were put on trains and taken to concentration camps, what happed to them there remains a debate to this day.

    2. Anyone named Zeka cannot be trusted and certainly shouldn’t be allowed to post messages for they come from a land of faqqets.

  1. That’s right, it’s me taken into protective custody, to keep 2homoleo from wanting to blow me for the 4th time in an hour. That’s him in the white T-shirt at 3:15 being beaten by the cops just because he wanted my dick in his mouth one more time. What a faggot!!

    1. Another 2lolo comment, who knew? You’re learning well from your master Obi 2CanBlowMe young padawan.

  2. This was entirely too long to end in such an anticlimactic way. If it doesn’t involve a beating, someone being turned into an oak tree by a taser or someone being thrown through a window, don’t bother putting it on here. Especially if it’s five minutes long, that sucked sack.

    1. I was skipping through it looking for whatever the fail was supposed to be. Nope. Nothing. Just boring as hell.

  3. this was horrible to watch. i feel so bad for the guy in the white t-shirt. that cop was an animal. i hope charges are brought against this cop for being completely out of line and I hope he loses his job.

  4. the short little fat policeman is an insecure little prick, who desperately needs to prove himself by taking down drunk people who are just being annoying and nothing more.

    pathetic american police aways overacting.

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