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    1. Lol @BEEF ASS and jimmy…@Aromia- Shut the hell up and take a fucking seat on the short bus next to 2lolo. You’ve earned your spot.

    2. @Ambrosia, Get your Baseball Bat ready… As you know “Beefy My Ass” love it when you use your Baseball Bat up his ass…. As for “Grave Digger JIMMY” PLAY DEAD….. It’s the only way Grave Digger JIMMY can get a Hard-on….

    1. If you don’t see it, you’re not perv enough to be on this site. OF COURSE he means he gave his sister a… “special massage”. With a happy ending. And he only paid half price, because he got a friends’ discount. Jeez, can’t you derive that from the status update…

  1. @Ambrosia Your Daddy is calling you… Your Brother just got off work at the City Dump.. Tonight is your weekly 3 some…..

  2. The funny thing on this website is that it turned into “2lolo and ambrosia found a place where they can think they have a life”. Find a fucking psychiatrists, for god sake, it’s just so boring to read you.

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