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    1. hahahahah i like that one…im sorry but i will be using that one on da street…see how i used (da) instead of (the) thugin aint easy in the suburbs

  1. that’s not only boring, I’m pretty sure it’s also fake. I mean: Who the fuck would reply “OMFG How?” to a question like that? Really, WHO?

  2. This is more fake than Michael jacksons nose.. ssrly the green bubbles are the one using the phone.. that means his that much of an idiot to post this on the internet.. second of all how can such a big moron have that great spelling?

  3. This is obviously fake because if it was really a half hour later, it would show the time above the text bubble. If you don’t text for a while, it shows that a significant amount of time has passed. This is an fail.

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