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    1. At least you were man enough to call your own fail, which immediately robs everyone else of their chance, well played.

    1. What the fuck is so funny, kronos ? Did I said I wanna make you laugh, you incoherent retard ? Who the fuck allowed you to type “ha. ha. ha.” ? I spit on you, you Down-Syndrome abused child !

    1. @”ME” Are you learning?? Now KISS MY Cock with your Sweet lips…… Aaaaaaaaa!!! I’m coming…..
      That’s SWALLOW every drop…….Aaaaaaaa!!!!
      DAMN!!!! That was good Sucking….

    2. 2lolo……you are a creepy sumbitch……even typing your screen name makes me feel like I’ve been molested.

  1. …Not much of a fail here. I just feel awkward for having watched the whole thing, waiting for some god-awful kiss to happen.

  2. They’re that old and they still don’t know how to kiss?!
    Must have had a sheltered and boring teenage years.

  3. i bet they have the freakiest sex ever where even the germans don’t cross the line…just look at her smile she looks like he’s gonna fuck her with their new born baby and she can’t wait

  4. As a woman I can say that most men should at least consider this a tip, there is nothing more disgusting than those guys who open their mouth really wide and ONLY move their tounge into my throat, no moving of their lips whatsoever… urghs

    1. Ruca, get the fuck out of here, you skanky old bitch, who lets a lot of guys to put their tongues into your throat and who knows what else… Bleah !!!

  5. Who else thinks that dorky bastard is sporting a boner? Lol I don’t see how coming in to kiss someone and them having their mouth just hanging open is sexy.

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