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  1. Now, the monkey family will cry discrimination, claim this was a hate crime and they’ll sue. When they do, as soon as they get paid, they’ll go right out and buy a used Lincoln Navigator or a 1993 Acura Vigor with huge chrome rims.

  2. I see the 2loco family has made an appearance at the local elementary school so they can eat a meal in the lunch room. Had to act up in the hall, then every nig run when they break something.

    1. Honestly, they’re just teenage kids doing much less than the stupid shit I did when I was their age.

      I tried to kick-box the fire escape handle reinforced-glass door open with both feet (because all the other idiots used to do it with one foot). One foot slipped off the handle and through the safety glass, I put one hand out and needed stitches on it, etc.

      She was just dancing and got carried away. Nothing wrong with her genes. Besides she’s in school, and I was kicked out in grade 8.

  3. Why is there always racist remarks on this site…im white so this isnt a im pissed off coz of derogatory comments about blacks asian etc..but ffsake grow up..its too easy sitting behind a computer given it the big one…I bet if it was face to face u shit yourselves..all I see in my mind is spoilt brats with loads of zits venting frustration to minorities coz they get tormented at school…sad

    1. Wow, is this your first day on the internet? I’d be happy to show you around, I have a few asian squid sites to hit up first though ok?

    2. There are ‘racist’ remarks on this site because it’s full of brain-damaged pictures and videos, which attract people—like me—who feel better about themselves laughing and pointing at stuff that’s dumber than they are.

      So there will be also be a percentage among those people who laugh and point (because they ‘learned’ by prejudice, not by objective science) at certain combinations of genes expressed simultaneously in a single individual that they have mistakenly learned to be inherently ‘inferior’ to their own combinations of genes.

    3. I hate racists too…..especially the fucking whites…blacks..yellow…browns……purples and GINGERS!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is obliviously high school and an obvious accident so quit using blacks’ faux pas as an opportunity for racist comments. It’s just asinine. Kids break shit. It happens all the time.

    1. Jeez, the stuff I did at school, to school. She wasn’t trying to break anything.

      It isn’t even racist. Somehow the education system in science has failed explaining the basics of genetics and the meaning of ‘race’. Genes expressing color, intelligence, empathy, body-shape, hair, etc. recombine independently of each other at fertilization.

      She broke the glass having fun and not paying attention.

    2. Dan doesn’t know about evolution or eugenics.
      Sure, we’re all the same genus, but that doesn’t make us the same.
      Whites continued to evolve until we reached the pinnacle of evolution, the viking.

  5. Remember when trolling was creative? Now you just get the same regurgitated racial comments. Im black and I like racist jokes as much as the next person but at least be creative with it.

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