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    1. You’ve obviously never lived in a state that endures snow drifts. It works like an hourglass.

    1. You would purposely let your car be filled with snow? Fuckin A that sounds like a wild time…

    2. Ambrosia you gotta fuckin problem with everything I say!!! Go mess with somebody else for once!

    3. Yeah, maybe you should open your eyes because I bullshit with many more people than just you. Actually, when was the last time I said shit to you besides today? Don’t cry about it!

    4. Oh please this is not the first time! And I’m not crying thanks and yeah I know I’m not the only one you bullshit with so in that case go find Dora, or maybe Thor or better yet….2Lolo and bother them as always!

    5. Awww don’t get butt hurt! You make comments on here, you leave yourself open to comments. It’s that simple.

    6. I think I remember you now…..Aren’t you the one who gets their computer privileges taken away if they are caught on this website? Don’t get grounded!!

    7. Okay, Mya. So you’re a moron who is also a kid. Your parents must be so proud of the little asshole they’re raising.

  1. Its not fake . The photo is taken by a dude here in sweden that forgot his car window open this winter , this is the result .

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