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    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY, My Uncle went to see his Doctor because of you…. He got “SYPHILIS” from your Butt-Hole…….

    1. How simple your sense of humour must be. It’s ok. Even people of little brain power need to laugh now and then.

    2. Well, clearly you’re a much more sophisticated intellectual than I. That’s why you’re on this site, right? For all the smart, intelligent humor that only a well traveled man of the world, like you, can appreciate. Of course, your reading skills don’t seem to be very strong. If you were nearly as smart as you think you are, you’d have seen that my comment called this video childish. So junior, next time to try to sound intelligent, don’t. You only humiliate yourself.

    3. He said humour and not humor, which means he is likely British so his sense of humor is all fucked up anyway, thus his opinion doesn’t matter.

    4. america…putting education and intelligence in the same box since day one…are you doing your part?

    5. @PunchDrunk @militaryminded85

      I love how arguments on this site tend to go off topic and people have no valid way to counter argue, so they just bash countries and their citizens. 🙂

    1. Sounds like “my anus” Johnny Knoxville went to a town called Mianus (sp?) and pulled the same gag on Jackass years ago.

  1. @Kelta.Rose, Nicky No Name is living with “Pineapple”.. Pineapple was my dog but after Nicky rape him pineapple, is in love with Nicky.. As for FRED she come and go’s.. Changing her names.. Did you know FRED is Homeless now…

    1. @PunchDrunk- Lol, a few posts back I asked him where everyone was, I’v been gone for a few months.
      Pineapple died 2lolo. Nicky said he ruptured his anus and he bled out all over his new Persian rug. Sorry to break the news to you.

    2. @Kelta.Rose. FRED is still Hooking on the Streets and Punch My Drunk Ass is FRED Best Customer,,

  2. That reminded me of a decade-old Jackass episode, when Johnny Knoxville visited Mianus, a neighbourhood of Greenwich, Conneticut, to loose a barrage of bad puns and double-entendres on the unsuspecting viewer. The one I remember most fondly would be: “There’s a little Jack Russell terrier in Mianus!”

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