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    1. @ratkingjetpilot, If I’m gay, what does it make you?? You been begging me to let you SUCK my Cock…. No THANKS!!!! Your Mother SUCKING my Cock NOW….

    2. Wow Albert, it sounds like you need to change your tampon and rub some more Vagisil on that sandy snatch…

  1. @Ambrosia, Grave Digger JIMMY said “Thanks” for last night… Your the best he every had…. When you play Dead, you just lay there…

  2. The negr-oes and Mexi-cans will not approve of this style of “graffiti.”
    In no time they will puke their gibberishy gang tags all over this art.

  3. I’ve noticed that 2lolo has become infatuated with me, seeing that he has mentioned my name in several comments now. Its ok bro we know you are looking for a date with me lol. I hope my mom was a good warm up for ya

    1. 2homo wants a date with every male on the planet, pilot. He’ll hit on you for a while then switch back to me, Roccol, Jimmy, and anyone else that he thinks will let him suck them off in public.

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