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    1. Yup, they just jailed someone 2.5 years for pointing a laser at a plane… I’m sure a fine would have done the job but America is built on privatization so it’s better for the government to pay a jail 40k per year and collect taxes on the jail’s income than it is to dine the, 3,000 dollars. But hey, that’s the way she goes.

    2. the country where the image of a scool is more important than the mental health of it’s students…

    3. i dont know why american’s call it the land of hope and freedom…they think that britian is ruled with an iron fist like some fucking asian country lol this would not happen in the uk…sometimes i think to myself “god, england is turning shit” but then i read about the rest of the world and i relize that england is the safest nicest place to live on the fucking planet

    4. yeah, thats why you worship our queen…literally like arabs do…like with rugs and shit lol

    5. militaryminded85: You must be kidding. There are just as ridiculous legal problems in the UK. Your country jailed farmer Tony Martin for 5 years, which initially was going to be life, for defending himself in his own home from thugs that broke in during the night. Let us also not forget the case of Munir Hussain. He fought back against three knife wielding scum bags who broke in an tied up the guys family. While Hussain got prison the guys that broke in and terrorized his family were set free. Yeah, the UK is so superior. Give me a break.

  1. ‘The Star Chamber’ (1983). – Judge Benjamin Caulfield – “Someone has taken justice and hidden it in the law”

  2. 1.You know damn well the girl is white.
    2.He will rape again if not already done so.
    3.Rape is hard wired into their DNA.

    1. Wow!! Really!? Show me your scientific evidence showing the gene responsible for rape. How do you know she is white? Dumb ass.

    2. It’s not an actual gene, but their increased levels of hormones.
      Read up on eugenics some time – it explains it all.

    3. Lol RoccoL i dont know about number 3, but about number 1 and 2 it’s just like u told me somthing i always knew but just didnt have realized yet.

  3. The charge of rare was dropped so he is not a rapist. This schools priorities are way off, but then again it is Texas so…….

    1. I’m sorry. It is possible to be a rapist even if not convicted. Happens all over the world all the time, sometimes there’s just not enough evidence.

    2. Yeah, and to think that Texas is the state who not only prints the History books used in Uh-merica today but also gets to decide what goes in them!

  4. just because the courts didn’t find him guilty of rape, does not mean he didn’t do it. Criminals go free all of the time because there is sufficient evidence to prove they did what they are accused of. If the girl truly was raped I feel terrible for her, because she is most likely very traumatized by what happened, and now its like pouring salt into the wound by making her pay because she chose to stand up for what she thinks is right. I don’t believe because she volunteers as a cheerleader, she gives up her right to free speech. Perhaps there is a better way for her to make her point, but she shouldn’t be punished so harshly when she is the victim.

  5. When the word of law causes the people who enforce it drop decency and equity as the core of it, you’re in trouble. Yeah, she didn’t cheer, but he was convicted for sexual assault against her, so what’s wrong with the position she took? “A mouthpiece” is their justification? and 45k $ to boot?!? Fucked up judges and laws…

  6. @Ambrosia, You was told to keep away from “Punch My Drunk Ass”… After “Punch My Drunk Ass” Rape your Ass.. Now he smell like a Dead Rotten Fishy… Now pay him the $45,00.00…

  7. well, this just goes to show the mentality of the city. If that was my daughter, sister, or girlfriend who was raped by that bitch, he would have to be shooting his free throws from Life support.

  8. the school allows convicted sex offenders to play for the team? i find that somewhat odd for a start. irrespective, out of principle alone she should have left the cheerleading squad when she knew he would be continuing to play, and raised her objections then.

  9. seems the farther south you go, the dumber the americans are. Texas is just one of the ignorant backass states, but it is the biggest and possibly worst.Hell, most people have no clue where they’re situated or what other states are called, BUT, they have the guns.

    1. i cheer rapists, I’m like “do them up the shitter, harder, faster, you fuck bitch slag, squeal like a pig fuck cunt, you got pretty lips 2homo” well that my cheer anyways.

  10. Just another day in the grand country of Duh-merica! Seriously how fucked up is this!? I hope it goes viral and those “authorities” lose their fucking jobs.

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