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  1. This is a Henna fail, not a tattoo fail. The reaction comes from getting a henna tattoo that is not made with Henna, but with an ingredient that is only FDA approved in hair dye; some people are known to have skin reactions that go from irritation to pus filled sores in a matter of hours and will lead to permanent scarring.

    If you want a henna tattoo, keep in mind the ink is varying shades of orange that will darken to a red; if it is black ink, there’s a good chance you are taking a risk that may end up with you in the hospital for treatment.
    Sorry for the PSA, figured if I have the info might as well inform y’all.

    1. your’re totally right, that happend to my aunty and now she is scared for life…now can you please stop posting interesting useful information as it is shadowing the other children’s chances of social success

  2. Seem laser-burnt scars, maybe to erase those ugly tattoes.
    I think that kid made a mistake and mom has taken him to the doctor.

  3. Nixis is correct. This is an example of a henna tattoo application gone horribly wrong. More common that you would think.

    1. That doesn’t make any fucking sense. A lot of people that get these things have no idea the reaction that might occur. This can happen to people in the U.S. as well as wherever the hell you are from. You are just looking for a reason to talk shit about Americans. Stupid people are EVERYWHERE.

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