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  1. that’s nothing consider this the one single sperm has 37.5MB of data means a normal shot is equal about 1,587GB of data when an SD card can beat that then i’ll be impressed

    BTW Ambrosia what do you say to a little data transfer? 😉

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    3. @”ME” , Ambrosia is taking you up on your offer…
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    4. Yeah because your stupid ass isn’t funny in the least. With your played out jokes and caveman talk. Bet you grunt most of your words don’t you?

  2. And it goes much worse if you imagine some steps further in history. I’d really love to see 8GB of ASCII plain text on A4 paper.
    Oh, I need to calculate it. Let’s assume 1800 characters on one normalized A4 page. That would make one page in ASCII represent 1800 bytes. As capacity of memory devices is usually given with decimal prefixes, capacity of that 8GB card would be 8E9 bytes. That makes 4,444,445 A4 pages (with the last one being 44.4% full) or 2,222,223 sheets. Ordinary 80 gram per square meter office paper is around 0.1mm thick. So 2,222,223 sheets placed in one column would reach 222.222 metres of height. A4’s dimensions of 210x297mm make 0.06237m^2 per one sheet. Thus 2,222,223 sheets give us total area of 138600m^2. Regarding 80g/m^2 grammage, all that paper without (probably negligible) ink would weigh 11 tonnes. Imperial system users use Google.
    So 11 tonnes and 222 metres of A4 paper or 15mm x 11mm x 1mm and 2 grams of microSDHC card?. What a comparison.

    1. id agree with you but you’re more intelligent than me so im just going to insult you

    2. militaryminded85: I’m insulted by the fact that you evaluate my intelligence based upon usage of 5th grader mathematics and Google.

    3. @Spokk you must be the clever cunt that put this witty and intellectual photo together, thought better of you Spokk but just another Epic Fail spammer. its not funny nor got any intellect.

    1. It’s somewhat difficult to tell how many there actually are, but if we call it 15 stacks of 30 or 450 (even though the front stacks are clearly shorter) then it all adds up to 630MB or so, less than 1/12 the size of the SD card.

  3. well you could assume various sizes the later 1998/99 floppy disk had as much as 200 Mb you’d only need 41 disks for that and the picture has a few hundred

    1. ENIAC, an early computer from the 40’s, filled roughly 20feet x 40feet x 6feet. The total storage was less than a quarter of a megabyte.
      Currently a microSD card has the capacity of 64 gigabytes and is 11mmx15mmx1mm
      If you tried to fir the information from one 64mb Micro SD card onto ENIAC computers you would occupy around 2,440,320,000 cubic miles of space.

  4. Those of you amused by this sort of thing might want to check out “PaperBack”, a free (GPL) program that lets you store up to half a megabyte on a sheet of paper (and scan it back in). So that’s a mere 16,000 sheets to mach the SD card.

    1. Not really. There are Blue-ray discs (or HD DVD’s) as a direct progress of this technology. Then there are Holographic Versatile Disc (developed 2004-2008) which can have up to 5 TB, but they are too expensive to make it comercial. Further steps to increase speed and capacity are proposed, but none of it will probably happen since semiconductor memories accidentally become cheaper and user-friendlier as their technology advances, while they are fast enough, solid state, durable and can be adapted to various shapes and dimensions. Not to mention digital distribution.
      So the Technoilogy Win here is that we have multiple technologies developing in parallel, and when one of them hits some obstacle or even a ceiling, it is easilly replaced in no time.

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