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  1. HaHa nothing like a good ‘ol misdemeanor

    1 13oz can frozen pineapple chunks (thawed)
    1 ripe banana (peeled)
    3 medium oranges (sectioned)
    1 cup seedless grapes
    2/3 cup flaked coconut
    1/2 cup ginger ale (optional)

    2lolo SPEAK!!!

    1. @”ME”, Tonight when I come over…. I’m going to RAM my Cock in your Pussy and Butt-Hole…. Just as I cum, I’ll Face Fuck you…..

    2. Ha! Is it?? Sounds yummy! 😉 @Kelta- a friend of mine would call that nuts butts and guts bologna! Lol

    3. Shrimp under the rear seat and in defroster vents makes for a lovely aroma within a day or 2. And it keeps on giving for several months. In fact, if only 2homoleo would sit in the car for 10 minutes, you’d have the same smell.

    1. How do you know that it’s a male cheater… and how do you know that he/she knows who did it? Might have been cheating on more than one.

  2. Epic Personal Property Respect Fail
    Epic Self-control Fail
    Epic Culture Fail

    1. If you must know you uneducated moron a lier is defined as One who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment. There were liers in a ambush against him

      it can also be a surname as in John Lier and is the name of a city in Belgium.

      2lolo SPEAK!!!

    2. Sure, me has a point. That being said, that is a North Carolina license plate on the vandalized vehicle and, also, notice the scene of the incident: a trailer park. I am with Michael on this one. The vandal probably does not know how to spell the word ‘liar’ correctly and that would constitute an education fail.

    3. I went off of my own knowledge dummy. But since u pulled the google dictionary I did too, someone who is reclined or horizontal is also part is the definition. But I’m sure you knew that. One who lies down is obviously horizontal douche.

    4. Do you know what a rhetorical question is? So you’re saying that the person who spray painted this car meant to call the owner “one who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment”? Stupid fucking asshole. Another failed attempt at intelligence. Congratulations… you know how to use Google. Stay in school, junior.

    5. no dumbass I’m saying it could be the guys name or indeed a spelling error however the fact remains that lier is still a real word although cheaters do lie in secret so shut the fuck up and crawl back into your hovel you cretin.

    6. Nice try, stupid. You’re saying it could be the guy’s name? So you think it’s possible that the guy’s last name is LIER and she decided to spray paint it onto his car? You’re good! No kidding LIER is a real word, you stupid fucking idiot! No one said it wasn’t. Again… do you know what a rhetorical question is? The “what is a lier” question was a rhetorical question. Back to Google to look it up, I’m sure. “Cheaters do lie in secret”? LMAO!!!!! Listen to yourself you moron. Do the world a favor and commit suicide.

    7. Logic would deem it is possible that these situations may exist. However, is it probable? Unlikely.

    8. well first of all you dumbass a rhetorical question does not require a question mark
      secondly you arguing over a simple misspelling obviously means you missed the point of why the vehicle was vandalized in the first place
      obviously you’re nothing more than a worthless troll trying to feel high and mighty by pointing out an angry woman’s mistake

    9. I did a search for Lier on Facebook. Not one person’s name came up. And all of the Groups and businesses that came up were not in the U.S. Mostly Belgium and France.

  3. Maybe if the chick gave the man a little more of what he wanted then this wouldn’t have been an issue.

    But why should a woman get all pissed when it it nature that makes us want to spread our seed everywhere. It isn’t our fault that we were designed to be horny all the time.

    1. Maybe if men learned to communicate with words (usually found in things like books, deadly) instead of turning into grunting neanderthals every time they get a boner, then women might clearly understand how to satisfy the ‘primal urges’.

    2. Absolutely! Will you dress like the librarian? And you can catch us, maybe punish me a little for being so naughty?

  4. Obvious a black did this.
    The top quality public school education he/she received is clearly on display here by their proficiency of the English language.
    At least bring a damned thesaurus along if you’re going to vandalize for all to see.

    1. Merely anomalies and nothing more. It does happen in nature.
      BTW: Tyson is pompous asshat if you ask me. He’s the flavour de jour now and media darling. You liberals have a cum fest over him. He’s a scientist who happens to be black….big freaking deal. He gets airplay because of one reason…he’s black and PBS loves him.

    2. Science (which is of course the only succesful way of finding out what is happening in nature) tells us that there is no difference in intelect across human races. Period.
      If there is a disproportion of black scientists compared to whole black population, it’s a cultural problem. And it was identified as a lack of opportunities. You may ask how come that there is such a discrepancy when your Constitution should prevent it. It’s because half the american population are dickheads like you: racists, religious fanatics, etc.
      You called me a liberal. I don’t consider myself to be. However in some parts of the USA I would be definitely considered liberal. In my country, you would be considered a stupid reactionary by 99,9% of population. What we call conservative is liberal for you, because you’re stuck in 19th century. Your country is losing it’s position in standard of living, inovation, science and economics, because you are enormous hindering force. Are you cool with that?
      BTW Tyson gets airplay because he is funny and excelent science communicator. Not because colour of his skin. In fact, he was probably the first black expert ever explaining scietific facts in TV without anybody asking him in a way of “And how do black people feel about it?” or “How would it affect people of your colour?”. And that was in 1989. Why the hell did it took so long? We are all Africans.

  5. Why is it that every time one of these photos pop up, everyone automatically assumes it was the guy that cheated? Most of the people that I know that have cheated were women. Only a couple of my guy friends have cheated…

    1. it is assumed to be a woman wrote this as this is more of a female lingo if it was the man that wrote it the language would contain words such as slut and whore

  6. If you were a Real woman then this situation would not have happened like this! Real women don’t publish their dirty laundry! Real women take care of the problem with so class! Only trailer trash act like this!!!!

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