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    1. You got that right. The stupidity is strong in that vandal. He may have Vandal Level=0 , but he gets Level=99 on the stupidity scale 😀

    1. flip a coin:

      Heads = fat American fuck
      tails = fat British twat
      if it lands on its side = 2lolo’s mom

      2lolo SPEAK!!!

    2. @”ME” Why do you Bad Mouth me on EF??? But when I come over to your home… First thing you do, drop down your panties…. And tell me (I love your Cock 2lolo) Fuck me hard tonight 2lolo….

    3. American Bikie gang member by the looks of it, dont mess with these guys or this is what will happen…The full roth of evil on your shop.


    4. Hey Numb Nuts 2lolo saying your having sex with a model doesn’t count when your screwing a manniquin

    5. @Grave Digger JIMMY, You had your chance with “ME”…. But “ME” Didn’t feel a thing… Now she only want’s my Cock…..

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