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    1. @PunchDrunk: My sore smelt bad. I recently regained about 50 lbs due to two back surgeries (a third scheduled 1/18) and foot surgery in a little over a year and a half. So I’ve noticed my tummy flap is heavier and thicker and am now developing sores for the first time with awful smells. Besides plastic surgery, which I want to wait until I’m back down to about 170, what can I do? The pain is annoying, the smell is worse and it is just embarrassing. I’m using baby powder now to keep it dry but worry that it might not help with the sores.
      Any help would be appreciated.

    1. And I didn’t even know that 2homoleo was a black dude. Glad to get that out and also know he likes white boys who think they can sing.

    2. @Fishy, Last time I seen you was when you swim up Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy…. Thinking that it was a River to lay your eggs…..

    3. Once I think you can’t get anymore fucking stupid 2SlowSlow, you say something like that and totally prove me wrong.

    4. Fish or if i call him by his species Candiru are a number of genera of parasitic freshwater catfish, you may of not known that he shoot up there!!

    1. i know man, this is funny as fuck,i do shit like this all the time when im out with my mates…i think alot of people come to epic fail not for the lols but to try and understand what is lols worthy…i think id have more fun with a card cut out than with half of these borg’s

    2. I’m not entirely convinced that everyone is as clueless and idiotic as some of the comments would imply. I think people like to play stupid, except for 2SlowSlow he IS fucking stupid.

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