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    1. the boys are like, “are you sure about this?”, the older guy goes: “don’t worry it’s very hard, nothing will happen”

  1. that head scratch looks to say “huh how did that happen?”
    “Arrr the laws of physics be a harsh mistress”(Bender)

    2lolo SPEAK!!!

    1. You’re still a fukcing retard RoocoL, you have absolutely no depth and no one cares what the fuck you say. Every comment is an attempt at bashing blacks and not even a good attempt, just shut the fuck up already.

    2. @Punch My Drunk Ass,,, Not everyone hates NIGGA’S Like you…. Take SHELDON, he is white but love to suck on NIGGA’S Ass…… SHELDON even Finger NIGGA Ass…… With his Finger size Dick……

    3. Punchy……you should be grateful as I am actually complementing the blacks with my retort here.
      I am merely pointing out there are humans on this earth who are dumber than the feral kneegroids who grace our once great American cities.
      You should be beaming with pride now.

  2. Love it how at the end he just scratches his head, thinking: “How the fuck did this plan fail? It was brilliant!!” Then stares into the camera.

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