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    1. @Ambrosia, INSULT?? Here is a FACT for you…. Remember when “FISHY” Went Swimming Up Your Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy.. Thinking it was a River to lay his Eggs…..

    2. You can’t even understand when I just made fun of you because you called someone a RETART FOOL? What the fuck is a RETART? Here’s another FACT……you’re RE-TARD-ED.

    3. @Ambrosia that is the joy that is making fun of 2SlowSlow, he is too much of a RETART to even know it’s happening.

    4. @PunchDrunk- Agreed! This particular comment he made almost verbatim on another post. Just changed the names! Lol What a RETART FOOL he is.

    5. @Ambrosia, I understand “KIM JONG-UN” of North Korea want’s you to be his Girlfriend…. “KIM JONG-UN love to eat Fish ever night…. You be his UN, with your Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy…..

    6. @Sheldon, Wow!!!! Your Mom and Daddy must really Love you to name your a Sheldon…. But “Punch My Drunk Ass” Love it when you suck on his Ass-O……

    7. @2lolo- Wow!!!!! That made absolutely no fucking sense!!!! What does being his UN mean exactly?

    8. @Ambrosia: The United Nations, def. there as much use as a slack fanny, they stink of a third world fish market, and as indecisive as a crack whore.

    9. Who doesn’t love having someone suck on their Ass-O? Every salad needs a good toss now and again or your lettuce will never stay fresh.

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