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    1. @Fishy My Ass, WELL!!!!!!!!!! How was your Swim up Ambrosia “Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy”??? Did you lay all your Eggs?????

    1. Looks fine to me. Nice work, good design, etc.

      Just the sort of thing that shouldn’t be on EF, however.

    2. Yup. Another EpicFail fail. This fucking site is sucking worse every day. God damn videos are streamed through dial up too ffs. If the video even starts to play it takes 3 god damned minutes to watch a 30 second video. I tried this shit on three different laptops and five different networks and always the same lame shit. You should fire your fucking IT staff. Or at least hire someone who knows something after 1996.

    1. you could still shove them up your butt, she flick her just a little to tease you. you would say “slower not fast” she say “Am gonna stretch that arse” “its the big love egg at the end, i have not had one so big” said militaryminded85. “your my little fuck cunt” said dyke with love egg in hair.

    2. @Punch My Drunk Ass,,, Too bad Ambrosia is in love with Beefy My Ass…. Because Beefy My Ass, Ass-o Smell just like her Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy.. If you want Ambrosia don’t wipe your Ass-o for 2 or more weeks….. Than you just might have a chance with her…..

  1. Nah, it’s cute… as long as she only wears it that way at Easter. It would very much be a fail if she did it all the time.

  2. You know what, I think this hair style is great it was for Easter & this girl was so happy with her hair she let a random person snap a photo. & they put it up on here. How sad, this style is unique original & has more creativity in one braid then the jerk how posted it on here.

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