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  1. How would this stop them being gay????? All it will do is to confirm that they had mad the right choice in being gay.
    Hell I would turn gay if I had to go out with that…..

    1. you’re being way too kind this ugly ass cow is still much better looking than 2lolo

      2lolo SPEAK!!!

    2. @”ME” You know better than that…. Why do you Bad Mouth me on EF but when I see you… First thing you do is DROP Down your Pantie and ask me to Fuck you…

    3. @Fishy My Ass, Take a good look at her but put on your glasses….. That’s AMBROSIA….. Remember when you went to lick her Ass-Hole but lick her Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy…

  2. It should say: How to stop heterosexual marriage? Show them a pic of me and they would turn gay INSTANTLY 😀

  3. forget gay marriage, there’s clearly a poor whale that needs help getting back in the water, quick! before the japs steal her for blubber

  4. I’ll admit it, she was right. I was gay, not anymore. Every time I see another female’s body I will think about this and vomit a little. Back to men for me.

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