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    1. he said he had a gun, how was in no fit to fire straight enough for a kill. I call it Fag Ab Non-Ozzie fail.

    2. soz PunchDrunk: he had just run thought a plate glass window, “he” said not sure could of been the cunt in car said to tattoo artist ab “he had a gun”. AB said he he pick up like in the films did not look like rambo. but fucking hell what your gonna do!!

    3. @Beefy My Ass, Your Question “F ing Hell what your gonna do!!”” How about SUCKING on Punch My Drunk Ass… Better Yet… Suck on Ambrosia “Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy” Just might smell like an Ass-O????

    4. 2lolo understand what BEEF ASS said you guys all drunk what the matter with you cant read english he said what he mean

    5. @Ambrosia, Please Show “IAN” how to Wipe From the Front to Back… She never learn how to do it right….

    6. BEEF ASS…just because english is obviously your second language, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to convey your opinions in a manner that can be comprehended by the rest us. I’m fucking embarrassed for you…

    1. Oh wow, some racial bullshit from RoccoL, so original. Get a fucking life you antiquated piece of shit.

    2. Punchy-Drunkette must be one of those color’eds who harbors a fetish for fecal matter, scat porn and assorted “down low” activities that so many of his brethren partake in.
      Is it any wonder the HIV/ AIDS infection rates among his people are through the proverbial roof.

    3. Self hating -guilt ridden white guy in the ‘burbs who screeches “That’s ray-sist!!” from every rooftop. Nothing more boring and sad.

  1. this site is an epic fail. 30 second video takes 2 minutes to play because you cant get your shit to stream right. If it even loads in the first place. and no, it isnt my damn connection. it does the same thing on 5 different networks. not bad enough you cunts label shit wrong all the time, but your freaking player sucks too.

  2. Oh yeah, and all these fucking years and you still havent figured out how to go back to the page when hitting the back button. Noooo instead it goes back to the comment input page first. Get your shit together. every other site like this goes back to the main page. Take a tip from liveleak morons.

    1. I goes back to the comments if you’ve just made a comment. The comment page and the new page you see your comment on are not the same page. This is not uncommon on other sites as well.

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