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    1. If I had that car I would duct tape myself to the front bumper and have someone else do the same thing.

    2. rickshaw? that car looks nothing like a rickshaw
      you think i am chinese? i only live here
      and you are a little outdated currently Xi Jinping is in charge of China not Mao

    3. @Punch My Drunk Ass,, How dare you call “ME” a Chinese…. “ME” is a She and come from North Korean and she give the best “Blow-Jods”…. Too bad you’re into Cocks…….. But maybe Ambrosia has a Cock???

    4. Uhhh…..once again 2lolo is clueless, I didn’t call “me” anything. It’s called reading, you know, top to bottom, left to right. A group of words together is called a sentence.

    1. I have a fast network, good ISP, etc. and it can get slow sometimes. So I punch all four videos at once, do something else and stop the others in turn when one of them plays, then read all the comments after.

    2. just hit play when the circle starts spinning hit pause when the green logo pops up it is ready i go through the pictures while i wait for the videos, taking my turn insulting 2lolo

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