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    1. Dear Ambrosia
      I love your new look…. YES….. I’ll let you give me a Blow-Job with your new LIPS……..

    2. Here, I’ll cut them off. You can have em! As long as I don’t have to give you a blow job. The mental picture was nauseating.

    3. @Ambrosia Love your new Sucking Lips… But I change my mind, I don’t want you to give me a Blow-Job !!!!! I just remember all the Butt- Holes you been sucking on…..

  1. Last year i saw this chicks transformation in photos. Cant remember her name or where i saw it. Use to be a regular little girl. What a shame

  2. I’m sure her uncle Chester the molester had a hand in this. Not sure if this is better or worse than stripping.

  3. Let’s see: pointy ears, bullet devil horns, lips that could suck-start a Harley, ugly scalp tats, post-surgery hair, shrapnel stuck in face, nose-ring, green eyes with red center. You think she just might have a few issues? Just maybe?? (One will be that no boyfriend will be able to get close to her because he’ll be too busy hurling. Unless he’s high or drunk, and then he’ll think he’s dreaming that he’s in Hell.)

  4. What a shame, she has purposely rendered herself unemployable. Making her, yet another example of today’s self mutilation culture. Unfortunate, because, if you look at her through all the tats and body mods, she is really pretty.

  5. Where do these shitbags get the money to pay for these dumb ass body mods?
    No way working at his local comic book store for minimum wage does it.

  6. Sad thing is, she looks like she used to be gorgeous. Beautiful eyes. Why on earth would anyone do this to themselves?

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