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  1. That’s from the OUTLAW VENEZUELAN REPUBLIC. Courtesy of deceased Hugo Ch├ívez and the decay his government caused to society.

    1. It could be from an unhappy (and sick) employee. I heard of a used condom in someones curry from an Indian resturant.

    1. thats because he put it there after .. its a baby mouse as u feed to baby snakes as stated before.. lame atempt to have a “cool” pic

  2. Anyone who eats at chink joints should know……this happens more than you think.
    They are notorious for failing the most basic health inspections of their food joints.

    1. Most time it happens when an employee wants to revenge his/her employer.
      I have seen pictures with an entire cockroach in their food, and if you have seen how fierce they mingle the rice while cooking it, you can realize there is no way the cockroach can keep in one piece. That cockroach was put in there before serving.

  3. That other matter on the plate appears to be some bok choy or cabbage, not another inedible item. The worst thing that I ever ate was in my take-out from a Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills, no less. It was a used Bandaid. Spat it out, but I got that tale tell Bandaid taste. I was just happy the finger wasn’t in there too. They gave me my money back, that was it.

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