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  1. Fucking pussy. Let me show you how mad I am by being a passive-aggressive little bitch and breaking your window when you are not around then running away like a coward.

  2. DAMN!!!! Grave Digger JIMMY, Why?? Just because your Bitch FISHY stop playing dead with you and swim up Ambrosia Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy to lay his eggs…. Or is it because Beefy My Ass was bending over???? LOOK Redneck Sucking is Back…..

    1. The horse has been dead and beaten to a bloody fucking pulp and you just keep beating it, don’t ya?

    2. Ambrosia, he’s not even beating the dead horse anymore. More like the ground where the dead and decaying horse used to lie…

    1. Most women are heartless skanks that only care about their own wants and not about the hearts of those that they break. Women are evil. It’s too bad that I like pussy too much.

    2. I agree with everything you just said deadly.
      The whole women being evil thing is man’s fault though. Men wrote the bible (among other religious books making the same claims) which says that woman is the original sinner, so how can we see ourselves as anything but evil when men have shoved it down our throats to force us into submission for the past few thousand years?

    3. Fuck what the bible says. Women are heartless no matter what. Even today women are cold and they get treated very well now, even better than white men.
      It’s just like black people born within the past 20 years complaining about slavery and wanting to avenge how HE was treated. No one can complain about anything that they did not have to deal with themselves.
      Women are evil and black people are thieves.

    4. Yeah, I bet your failed relationships have always been “her” fault. Something tells me you are not stellar relationship material.

    5. There are more than a few crazy evil bitches out there but we aren’t all like that and for some it was a horrible relationship that makes us the bitches we are. I don’t think it’s fair to group all of us into one big evil bitch pile.

    6. ^^What she said, except lump me in with the evil bitches. I’m totally one of them 😉

    7. Oh I definitely can be…I just pick my moments! I save it for the deserving assholes. 😉

  3. Love how he totally didn’t expect that to happen then walks away pretending to be tough shit but knowing damn well he is in some trouble.

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