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  1. I dont get it. She tells her dad she’s prego and then takes a picture of an ordinary iphone… doesn’t look any different than any other iphone

  2. I’ve heard several different “I told them I’m pregnant and this happened” April fools jokes and none of them end well.

    1. Lol I personally like the ones that end with a kick to the balls but hey, maybe it’s just me.

    2. Personally, I like the ones that end in a gangbang…. Oh, wait, that’s porn. My bad.

    3. Ok I’ll try it again dumbasses at EF… Lol @ Kelta.Rose… it tried to make that a website link.

    4. @Kelta.Rose Didn’t you know that all of Ambrosia 7 Kids are from her Daddy !!!! So it is a Daddy/Daughter Thing……

  3. I don’t get it. She says her dad she is pregnant on April 1st and he…
    …grabs her stupid cell phone and throws it on the ground? So he tried to solve his daughter’s pregnancy by damaging her cell phone. Oh. IQ test result: negative. Temperament test result: The most flipping unstable choleric person ever lived.

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