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    1. I know right? It’s Nintendo then Super Nintendo followed by Nintendo 64, GameCube then Wii….tards.

    2. it has to be like that. the 64 and gamecube controllers are too wide to be next to each other.

    1. I don’t know who you are asking but I just figured it would work for double duty. That’s about the gist of it. Lol

    2. I would think after a while of watching, beer wouldn’t be what you were interested in…so problem solved!

    3. i never had an interest in the beer in the first place, it does nothing for me. i just wait for her to be the right level drunk that its not rape

    4. A major psychopathic characteristic is that they do not feel things like empathy, guilt or remorse. By getting the girl drunk enough for her not to feel the pain this disqualifies him as a psychopath.

  1. @MONKEY TITS N64 doesn’t suck. Super Smash Bros was made for that system and it seems like you obviously did not get one as a kid. So STFU and go stick to your dumbass Call of Duty on the Xbox 360.

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