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    1. This morning it says “Video not found…” error for all the videos. Anyone else getting this error? The Pictures section works, but not the videos, except the very old ones.

    2. Yes, I did this morning but I’ve just watched 2 of them in a row that I couldn’t watch this morning. Another EF fuckup.

  1. That’s what the feminist movement has created… a bunch of pansy “men” who have had the protective instinct beaten out of them.

  2. I know that when I see something flying at my face I just stand there and let it hit me. Is it really his fault that she just sat there and stared at it like a deer in headlights? Probably. I hope he wipes her ass for her too.

    1. if you look at it she wasnt looking when it was coming looked like her head was down maybe giving him some head

  3. How is that a boyfriend fail? He got out of the way.
    It’s her own fault if she’s too vapid to figure out the ball’s going to hit her.

    1. Exactly! If she had been watching the game she would have seen it coming but she was probably using her phone or something.

  4. Nice going, sports commentator. You’ve just permanently smeared a sports fan nationally in front of all his friends, when his gf—who probably doesn’t have any experience catching a high ball—gets beaned because the guy can’t think of any and every single contingency that could occur in real time.

    Maybe he should go around with a steel umbrella over her all the time in case a meteor is coming her way.

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