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  1. What the hell? Did she fall through the tile floor? That’s some shotty ass tile work or she is much heavier than she looks.

  2. Oh, nevermind, I didn’t see the toilet at first, but thanks to bigdork I watched it again and I’m not sure how I missed it the first time.

    1. yeah can see how you missed that she’s surprisingly agile for fatty, she hops up there like whippet.

    1. You ARE sick if you’d do either one of them! After all, we know that the extra fat one is really 2homo’s boyfriend in drag trying to show off with his fucked up dancing. @2HOMO….SPEAK!!

    1. I mean, I’m from the internet. I masturbate compulsively, but certainly not to the likes of fatties.

    2. I was implying you are a fatty, so therefore you can’t masturbate because you don’t like the fatties.

    3. Do you two share a penis? Cause that’s something we should know… Like if there is more than one, could you give me a head’s up? Lol

    4. Dudebro started as a joke, mocking douchebags. Then I remembered my password to this account.

  3. FAT FUCKING AMERICANS GO DIE ALREADY… Oh wait dont worry the heart attack at age 29 or diabetes at age 55 will get you all! God america sucks

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