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    1. I would tounge her asshole , yum . . . Don’t even notice the fucking knob twins acting like greasy bookends.

  1. This isnt a fail, this is a win. They def succeeded at being the best Dbags they can be. Way to go assholes!

    1. Ahh….I see just another example of 2homo posing in drag with 2 of his favorite boyfriends.

    1. woman tend to be more open to their sexua lesbianl feminine side so she probably thought they were queers (which they are) and the chick felt like letting her lesbian self come out

    2. Yeah, I’m not sure what you mean but I’d just find another female and not waste my time on these losers then. Lol

    3. What the holy hell was that neorider?
      And I agree Amb, when my lesbian side comes out I don’t waste time with men…

  2. Man, she has nice boobs. I don’t care that she’s fat. She shouldn’t show them off, she should keep them as a surprise. What’s she doing with people like that? They look like fags who just washed up on Jersey Shore.

  3. its possible that they´re succesful….but it doesn´t matter….i think deep inside those guys are two little girls….otherwise they won´t need to look like this!!!

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