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    1. Don’t you mean do us a favor??? you should try the same talking that wal-mart language.

    2. @”ME”, Last night as you Suck and Kiss my Cock, what did you say….. You Said “Honey I want you to Ram your “357 Mag” into my Wet Pussy tonight”..

    3. Hell, one of those tiny water pistols is too generous. A derringer was all I could think of when I typed that. Haha!

  1. she would not win a Darwin, just lose an eye since its a BB gun, not a real firearm, I know, I have the exact same model, and NO, I don’t look down the barrel… lol

  2. yeah it’s stupid but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it wasn’t loaded or had any ammo in it….

    1. haven’t you ever heard of accidental discharge? a faulty spring can cause a gun to fire without the trigger being pulled

      that’s why you never store a loaded gun

    2. like said earlier, its a BB gun, not a real firearm, and the way it work, it can’t have accidental discharge, I know since I have the exact same model, further more, it work with CO2 cartridge, if there ar no cartridge in it, it can only be use as a hammer, but I totally agree with you about your statement, just not the case on this one

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