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    1. @PunchDrunk: Are you joking? Even if you do pass out on a ride (unlikely to happen to both people), it wouldn’t be for the whole ride, it would be for a brief portion of the ride with the highest Gs. It’s more likely they were pretending to be asleep than faking being passed out.

    1. @”ME” Sorry I did a bad thing to you when you was sleeping….. I fuck your Ass and Came in your Mouth…. But you did finger your pussy as I fuck your ass…….

  1. Fake as hell.
    No way these rides pull the kind of G’s you see in those old NASA films where dudes are strapped into a centrifuge rig that expels any and all blood from their brains.

  2. this is Top Gun (Flight Deck now) at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland …. they are faking. It’s a neat ride but it’s not that intense. I rode it back to back 11 times before the park closed one night….

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