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    1. Ouch! That hurt. In case you are too stupid to realize it, which no doubt you are…that’s sarcasm.

    2. “but they both ugly”? You can’t form a proper sentence like a big boy, yet you’re gonna call someome you’ve never met “ugly”? Stupid fucking retard. Do the world (and your family) a favor and kill yourself.

    3. Mikey I know as Americans we like to believe “wanna” is a real word but if you are going to talk down about improper sentences than you should use the correct wording and say “want to”

    4. @ Me – First and foremost, the word I used was “gonna”, not “wanna”. I’ll bet you’re excited about your upcoming reading comprehension classes, aren’t you? Second, how ironic that you should comment since your post has absolutely ZERO punctuation. Finally, it might be time for you to learn the difference between thEn and thAn. Nice try, idiot!

    5. @Aromia, I’m sorry but you’re Wrong.. It’s “Ambrosia and Kim “Both are Butt Ass Ugly”…

    6. mikey both wanna and gonna are not proper words and yes I am aware of the difference between than (used in instances of this rather than that) and then (used in this first that next) and the use of punctuation while I often don’t use in posting as I am only insulting you for attempting to correct complete strangers online in some kind of attempt to make yourself look like a big genius

      additionally if you pay any attention in these post both 2lolo and aromia are complete morons whom never use correct spelling grammar or punctuation

  1. People are stupid, it is normal to gain weight during and after pregnancy, People usually pick on people who are different, not what is the norm. This is not an American thing, the whole world is that mentally retarded.

    1. She’s not being picked on because she Is pregnant. She gets picked on because she is a artificial joke of a human being. Her perfume stinks, Her show sucks, Her Boutique is overpriced , every part of her face/body has been surgically altered and the tell tale marks left by liposuction are clearly visible through her pants. (yuck)

  2. Could be so much worse. I mean: C’mon, she’s a pregnant woman in her early thirties, so what? That’s not saying that I like her in any way whatsoever, but saying she’s ugly would be one helluva exaggeration…

  3. God I’d hate to be a woman. How come so many “beautiful” women look pig ugly without makeup? Why don’t guys have the same dead bloated corpse skin like this? Is it because the sun and air can soak into our makeup free skin and do it good?

    1. That’s what I think. It’s caked on so heavy the sun can’t get to the skin under it. You can almost see the line where the make up generally sits. Less is more in my opinion. If when I take my makeup off I scare people? I’ve put on too much.

  4. i hate all of them but man you think she is getting fat now! wait till she plops out that yard ape she is carrying! then i guess if one is really into big fat butts, ya can get turned on by that pig!

  5. This is so mean! She’s crazy pregnant,and not wearing any makeup. She’s not ugly! I don’t even like Kim and I can see that.

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