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  1. This pic looked awfully familiar and: YES! As it seems, the guys from epicfail are incapable of using THEIR OWN SEARCH FUNCTION! Otherwise they would’ve seen that this picture had already been uploaded on May 10th 2012 – actually also by that guy called Jason (that is: posted, not submitted). So, Jason, if you read this: DON’T BE A LAZY DICKHEAD AND DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

    1. I just noticed: As it seems, ALL “Fails” seem to be “posted by Jason”…. so apparently this Jason is the guy who runs the site… But I wonder: is there no one besides him? That would actually explain a lot, wouldn’t it?
      JASON! STOP REPOSTING BULLSHIT JUST TO LITTER THIS SITE WITH “CONTENT” and start checking submissions for OC again…

    1. Stop rubbing your stinkhole all over my asscheeks, you frothy Funkmelon! You should feel bad for being a bad person!

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