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    1. @FISHY, Here is your chance… Ambrosia has her PERIOD………. With the Chocolate, Movies, Blankets and Your Chinese Family…. Ambrosia might let you pull out her TANPAX so you can suck on it…… LUCKY YOU FISHY………

  1. Who names their contact “Boy”? This is probably the worst of the fake texts. EpicFail is a complete failure of a website.

    1. Just when I thought these stupid fake text “wins” couldn’t get any worse, they outdid themselves.

  2. I’d rather eat shit then go and see you.
    So eat some shit and come over then. What’s the problem?

  3. OI JASON! Stop posting boring fake bullshit! Wasn’t there some stupid site called “smartphOWNED” which had a conversation generator that could be used to make up this sort of bullshit? IT SUCKS!

    1. LOL, just noticed: whoever submitted this blanked the smartphowned-logo in order to make it look like an original conversation. WHAT A FUCKING LOSER!

  4. The one thing we’re overlooking is the fact that the send button is blue which would mean they both have iMessage and the text would be blue and not green. So yes, fake. I think it’s cute though haha you guys could quit bitching and learn something :).

  5. Okay, who names their boyfriends contact number as “Boy”?! Unless it’s her pet name for her sassy gay boy friend… still I doubt any guy would go within ten feet of this chick if she’s on her period. She sounds like an utter bitch.

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