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    1. @”ME”, True !!! But your lips fit around my cock just right… Aaaaaaaa!!!!! That’s It…. Aaaaaaa!!!!!
      SWALLOW it… That’s IT….

      Thank You,

    2. The one on the left is 2homoleo. The other one is his male boyfriend in drag. They had a 3 day dick-suck marathon. That’s why their lips are like that. Swollen from too much cum.

  1. Wow wow guys, take it easy. Its from russian comic show called “one for all”.
    In real life there are ordinary women

  2. Has not this puffy lips thing played out yet?
    Ladies of Earth: Contrary to what you may think, this is not a good look.
    What chick handbook actually says this is sexy?

  3. These are two Russian well known actresses , and there lips are fake (stuck on ).’in the comedy sketch they imitate rich stupid women with more money than sense .

  4. ahhhaah)))) so many comments) as it was said before, it’s from russian tv show, these two girls are just making fun of all the stupid ladies who do nothing in their lives but go for shopping, spend their husband’s money and make all these plastic surgeries…so chillax, it’s fake anyways)

  5. This is not a fail! Those women are actresses and they are playing roles of very rich cheeks from Moscow. Lips are really made of silicon, but they peel them off after shooting

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