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    1. Yes, AIDS and hepatitis are commonly contracted by playing the knife game, I wouldn’t be surprised if “she get” AIDS either.

    2. But they are contracted with open blood wound and stupidity of course, you know what i mean…

    3. I didn’t know knives could contract and spread aids. I better put condoms in my knife drawer and hope the knives use them next time they have a dirty sex party.

  1. She was fine until she started to speed up!
    Needless to say, if this was my daughter, I’d be depressed about my low iq reproduction.

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY, How did you know about my “Nuts”???? Did you peep again when Your Mother was Sucking on my Nuts and Tongue fucking my Butt Hole as your Sister sucking on my Cock??? I hope you learn something??? It’s better to have SEX with a living person than Digging Up Graves………..

    2. You have talked about someone tongue fucking your asshole more than once. 1, you’re gay as hell 2, no one would get near that dingleberry covered hairy swamp ass other than your dad.

  2. I seen Ambrosia play this game on her pussy….
    Ambrosia was singing.. I hate you.. You smell like a Rotten Dead Fish…. Die!!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!

    1. Really pathetic this bloke’s comments, really fucking pathetic. Is it supposed to be funny or what?

    2. His incoherent rambling usually alludes to the latent-homosexuality and underdeveloped sexual maturity that is commonly found in victims of childhood molestation. That and he’s a fucking idiot.

    3. @DudeTits Please don’t call me your Family Name “IDIOT”… Please tell us again what did your Mother said when you came home with your new Tits???

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