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  1. Omg word of advice, NEVER be the idiot that would think this would actually work. Not only do you look borderline retarded but it just burns your dead beloved pet to a fucking crisp! Your day will suck ass!

    1. Proverbs 17:27
      A man may show himself to be a wise man, by the good temper of his mind, and by the good government of his tongue. He is careful when he does speak, to speak to the purpose.
      So on that note, I feel compelled to speak with purpose since you clearly can not.
      Yes, because as your inane comment implies, the American education system should have taught her how to cremate pets properly? What is wrong with people like you? Do you want to know what’s wrong with education? I can tell you. It’s that there are idiots, dolts, or dullards like you out there. Now understand that I can abide fools and even more so an ignoramus, but you are neither, but rather merely an idiot. Or, in your case more specifically, a moron, imbecile, or cretin. You, in your deluded mind, actually believe that you know what the educational system needs. What is truly the crime witnessed here is that, due to the unfortunate fact that despite the very high odds of you not being deserving of such privileges, you are granted the right to vote (15th Amendment) and also unfortunately, to speak (1st Amendment) merely based on your ability to breed within the political boundaries of this country.
      This is elaborately ( and by that, meaning stated with the most obnoxious level of sarcasm) demonstrated by the fact that when someone failed to think through a process and comprehend what their desired outcome was, lacked the foresight to realize that their process could never hope to achieve their desired results, your response was a predictable and prosaic “another american education system FAIL”.
      To wit….. (and please excuse the lack of restraint I have shown here, but I am afraid that you forced my hand as it must be done ) when you say “another american education system FAIL”, please be sure to say “another American education system FAIL. As a proper noun (that means a person, place or thing. If you’re not sure, check with a 1st grader. We teach that in elementary school ,FYI.), American is capitalized, not lower case. So much for your “private education” preeminence. Now that you have demonstrated my point for me, please remember next time before opening your mouth….Proverbs 17:27. I thought all of you conservative, private education, anti-government types knew these things based on your intrinsic superiority to us American public educated system type morons? Maybe private schools should have to meet the same standards as public schools after all. Look what it got you. Schooled after all. Just took a few years longer than the rest of us………

    2. Holy shit.
      It’s Worditute, the fortress of literally design.
      The great wall of text, separating brain process from immediate reality.
      A rant, built up for years, boiling, spilling down the wall of text like burning oil.

  2. Well you can cremate your own pet, but first of all it needs to be really dry and your oven has to be hotter than 800 degrees.

  3. “Ahh, another beautiful morning. what will I do first- oh, yes, I have a dog that needs cremating!”

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