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  1. I doubt half these kids have even had sex especially the fat bitch in the middle

    if schools provided condoms most kids would only be grabbing some to make others think they are having sex

    gays still need condoms otherwise you might catch all that shit 2lolo has

    pregnancy is not a disease it’s just a parasite

    2lolo SPEAK!!!

    1. @”ME” That thing in the middle is Ambrosia….. How can you be Pregnant ???? All I did was CUM in your mouth…. Did you let “FISHY” Swim up your pussy???

    2. the person who said they were gay is a girl. last time i checked they don’t make lesbian condoms

  2. No doubt this was put in to gauge public response so here goes. Perhaps, just perhaps, students should be provided with moral guidance instead of condoms. Sexual activity requires maturity and should not be seen as a fait accompli. Condoms, clean needles and maybe prostitutes should also be provided. Welcome to the new world order.

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY, Next time I fuck “ME” Sweet Cunt, I’ll let you have the used Condom that I fuck her with….. I Promise……….

  3. oh dont worry soon every school will have condom dispensers, everyone will realize condoms suck and all will go back to normal. But i love the new questions concerned adults have to ask.

    1. That “gay guy” is a girl you moron. That’s why she doesn’t care. She’s not gonna have any cock.

  4. Daniel’s was my favorite..

    Helps prevent pregnancy AND other harmful diseases lol.. He’s right you know, pregnancy IS a disease.

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