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    1. @Beefy My Ass, Please stop lying!!!!! You love to Chew on any used Condoms… If it from a woman, it’s Ok but from a fag you love it…….

  1. Three little virgins sitting in a tree. K i s s i n g. Yikes. Brush your hair ladies and take a bath once in a while. They look dirty.

    1. I agree FMBP. These kids coming up now are bizarre. They seem very bored, so don’t something like this is a way of feeling something.

    1. condom snorting fad is going to get a windpipe jam any day now if they don’t hang on to the other end.

  2. bad bad bad parents. now these three girls will for ever remember a condom as something that made them gag/throw up. Good job “mom”

  3. First fail was deciding to do this stupid crap. Second fail was doing it, it making you puke and continuing to do it.

    Ah well must be the father of them..YOU CAN BE SO PROUD DADDY

  5. ~ CONDOMS, Kid tested…Mother approved.~
    Anyone else think this generation is fucked? “Hey lets all put our hair in a stupid 80’s style pony tail, and wear similar outfits, then lets snort condoms while my mom video tapes it…” Next candidates for MTV’s 16 & pregnant

  6. like seriously?! wtf is wrong kids these days. like what seriously possessed them to do this!!! just stick with the cinnamon challenge!

  7. The strangest thing about this is that it seems like its one of the girls parents who is recording this and obviously put them up to this.

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