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  1. Look at the safety website author, the fail is thinking everybody is as ignorant as you. Your 1st Amendment rights are under attack too Einstein, so continue to be a useful tool for those who would oppress you.

    1. Oh, so because the safety is on, you see nothing wrong with this picture? Stupid hillbilly. Also, Mr. Educated… would you mind explaining to the rest of the class what this picture has to do with freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition the Government for a redress of grievances?

    2. Ah. A hillbilly. There is no sense having a discussion with a person sporting bigoted attitude, you will patently reject everything I say. All I ask is that you consider my original statement as a heads-up and look into it yourself.

    3. The Damn Cat – Your original statement has been rendered useless since you have no idea what amendment you should be referencing. I especially love the “useful tool for those who would oppress you” line. The irony there, of course, is that you yourself are quite the useless tool. Your second statement, impossible as it may seem to be, is even more laughable than your first. I patently reject any statement made by some faux intellectual without so much as a shred of proof to support the simpleminded, altruistic nonsense they undoubtedly read on some blog in the deepest, most sparsely visited corners of the internet. You should never let facts stand in the way of you making an ass of yourself.

    4. It’s a freaking airsoft pistol. Why doesn’t everyone just calm the fuck down.

    5. Hey there kids at home, hopefully you can see why I didn’t want to engage in conversation with a bigot, especially on the Internet. I knew the “stupid hillbilly” slur was just the tip of the iceberg and that was borne out. The simple intimation that he needed more information made his head explode. One can plainly see the hatred and anger in his rants. Don’t be that guy! We all need more and better information. For more information about what your government is doing to you go read the government’s own Congressional Record online and it’s related articles. For more information on how your government is doing it to you read the book “Rules For Radicals”… they all have. In fact, read everything you can get your hands on, including material you don’t agree with as it makes you grow. Take a course or two on the Constitution and read the books the framers of the Constitution wrote during and after it’s creation. It will open your eyes.

      Pop culture distractions are fun but it can take time from more important pursuits. Become more involved in your life, your family, and your community. And importantly, stay alert. Pay attention to politics and political movements as they entwine deeply into your everyday life affecting you and how you live your life.

      Finally, be tolerant of others. Every single one of us is different. With that, I abandon this comment section, haters are going to hate and I don’t have to see the rant if I don’t care to.

  2. Not even a real gun, looks like an airsoft pistol. I have never seen any pistol with an oil hole in the recoil spring/guide rod dust cover and also note the size of the trigger. Is unusually large.

    1. Was getting ready to make the same comment Keith good eye. The rest of these people would know that if that had any sort of gun experience, but since they do not they are perfect candidates to tell us why we should not be aloud to own a real gun.

  3. 4th Amendment is gone.
    First Amendment is constantly under fire.
    and yes we are in danger of losing our Second Amendment.
    So that being said.. I agree with The Damn Cat.

  4. american mind set at its finest. Regardless if its loaded or not, the parents should be shot for even thinking this is ok

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