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  1. FIRST,
    What to say the asshole wont obey orders, sometime these fuckers do go beyond the line, but if you dont play bye the rule your ass is getting tazed

    1. The kick to the head was over the line, and the officer should be diciplined, but everything else was totally legit. The guy was resisting arrest, but could have been easily man-handled into cuffs by the officers on site. I’m glad they showed as much of the video as they did (annoying as the woman was) to give it some context.

    2. Right about now, N.W.A. court is in full effect
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    3. In all fairness, he had put his hands behind his head when he got shot with the tazer the first time…

    4. Totally agree with the guy being an ass and resisting arrest but I also agree the kick to the head was out of order. Very dangerous move that could have caused serious injury. These guys are the police not medieval militia.

  2. I love how there is no start to this video and how he is constantly being a dick then crying when tazed. ‘merica as always.

    1. As compared to the 153 other countries who don’t sodomize their rapists. BTW, name the country that sodomizes rapists and prove you’re slightly less ignorant than most. I bet you didn’t even know you were talking about a punishment for raping.

    2. The guy’s a bad actor, has had repeated incidents with the cops over the years, was in an argument with the clerk because he refused to give him the key for the suite his wife was registered, was fighting with his wife on the street, etc. Cop testified he was trying to bite him so he knocked his head away with his foot.

      Obviously he was arrest-material at the time, and they may have tased him from previous experience. He put his hand behind his head for a second, not his back, which is completely useless for handcuffing and he probably knew that very well.

  3. I’m sure these two were just walking down the sidewalk and the police appeared out of nowhere and started tazing this guy. Yeah, right. What actions led up to the start of this video? Although I don’t agree with kicking the man in the face, he WAS resisting arrest and non-compliant with the officers instructions. People need to wake up and realize the police have a job to do and as citizens, we have a responsibility to obey them when they are trying to carry out their duties. When we fail to do that, we leave no choice for the officers who intend to carry out their duty. You get what you get. The loud mouth in the video deserved a knee-to-the-neck instead of a kicking from the officer. Say what you want, but the guy getting arrested in this video provoked the officers actions. Perhaps if you would have just been compliant with them in the first place, you would not have been arrested, tazed or kicked like that. Bottom line, other than the kick to the face, I don’t see anything wrong with police actions in this video.

    1. I get SOOOOO fucking annoyed by the people that claim FAKE on every video that is posted online, as if nothing outside their own pitiful existence could be real. Nothing about this seems fake, what a douche.

  4. Bullies. These 3 scumbags should get their asses sued and lose their jobs. Better than that… A damn good beating for these useless pieces of uniformed SHIT.

  5. This America, this is one the of the reasons your country is going in ruins sooner or later you have a police force of justice who literally attacks people and gets away with it. Cause they know their limits and they abuse it. Thank fucking god I don’t live in a country with that kind of “freedom”

    1. That’s funny ignorant shit right there, apparently this guy has never seen how police departments are run in countries outside the US, many are way worse.

  6. Wow…when a law enforcement officer says you are under arrest….you are under arrest. It’s a simple thing arguments occurs in a law court. Now this showed half the incident not what started the call. To Man bear pig s#it, want to compare us to any other nation. In Russia they would have beat the crap out of him.

    1. That’s because Russia is Russia, one of the most corrupt countries in the world but here you are USA keep telling everyone over and over “we’re a free country” bullshit pack bullshit and enjoy this law enforcement you fat swine

    1. That comment shows that your a total idiot.

      When they have handcuffed him, they don’t need to tase him and step on his head. Its called excessive force and is illegal and unnecessary.

    2. So being pregnant makes her fat because you never see her but you hear her say she is pregnant that alones makes you an idiot. Then the second the hand cuffs were on tazing and headstomping on film these cops are fucked. Cops are getting much harsher punishments in the last few years. But I dought this officer even lost his job.

    3. So I have to What happened between 2lolo and Fred. There seems to be some tension between the two. Was it a messy break up? Did 2lolo sleep with Freds mom? or Did Fred Sleep with 2lolos mom? Just trying to figure out the high level of sexual tension I see in these comments.

    4. @ Fred
      Stop being so fucking serious, wait 3 to 6 days till your done your period and start visiting CNN or something.

    5. I love how you think Fred is acting like a bitch. Yet donna is the one bitching, good logic there.

  7. unfortunately, there are some effen cops like these two. Most cops are good, I would say, but these bastards give them all a bad name

  8. When the taser was developed here in Arizona and local law enforcement first got issued this less than lethal weapon the police told the public that they would only use the taser when they would otherwise be forced to use lethal force such as their firearm. Immediately police officers started using it as a compliance device and a weapon used to stop fleeing subjects including young kids as young as 5. The police agencies are generally made up of the finest citizens in the country but there are an aweful lot of lazy rotten apples that have infiltrated the police departments across the country and they only care about making as many arrests as possible and beating up as many people as possible. These rotten apple officers are sadly next to impossible to fire because of the police unions that are almost 100% successful at saving the jobs of the most corrupt officers in the country. Thes corrupt officers care not at all about ruining people’s lives and could care less about constitutional civil rights and liberties so long as their own rights and liberties are protected. They seem to get a kick out of destroying lives a power trip. If the police power goes unchecked we the citizens will be just as in danger from confrontations with police as we are with other criminal elements such as gangs, thugs and hoodlums.

  9. What makes this a fail on the cops part? That guy was being an asshole and arresting a lawfull arrest. I say police WIN!

  10. He was drunk in public and not obeying orders, I don’t see a problem. I would have tazed her to shut her up, STOP TAZING HIM, STOP TAZING HIM, STOP TAZING HIM, STOP TAZING HIM, STOP TAZING HIM.

    1. Then you would have gone to prison for using a tazer on a pregnant women and killing her unborn child you are a fucking retard

    2. Holy fuck, are you on you’re period, maybe you should be visiting equal rights for women’s sites. I would taze you for being so fucking gay, right in your VAGINA.

    3. And having a father drunk in the middle of the day and an annoying fuck of a mother, it would be better off.

  11. When dumb ass white people get tazered its not funny. Boring rally.
    However…when our north American negr-oids get tezed it’s total comedic gold!!
    Coon-Tube is chock full of video gold showing that.

  12. If that was a black man and only if he was black, then it would have been police brutality, but since hes white its alrite.

  13. Wow, that guy was a fool for not listening in the first place– yeah you’re going to get “tazed”. I would just like to know what he did to be arrested in the first place though.

  14. Beside the kick on the face, the guy deserved to be arrested… If he had shut his mouth, and stayed relax! I bet the final of this video would be different!!

  15. @Man Bear Pig
    So just because I’m from America I’m fat ? Well. I’m 5″10 151 Lb’s 5% body fat. And pretty sure I just rode my bike 38 miles yesterday and went on a 8 mile run this morning. I’m ex-military and proud of it. I agree with you about the police but you are clearly ignorant if you think that our entire population is supportive of this type of behavior. Every country has its curruption, its dark history, its cover-ups. Americans can be terrible but that does not mean all of us are. I’d like to know what country you are from. I guantee your country has its share of corruption also. Americans protest and stand up for their rights, and we always have. There is no Utopia on this planet. This shit happens evrywhere every day. So please take your pointing finger and shove it up your ass you ignorant fuck.

  16. “America is the best country in the world” says nobody except American citizens. So tired of hearing how great that place is.

    On the other hand, we have no idea what this guy was being detained for and there are certain percautions police must take to be safe. That douche probably deserved ever bruise. I mean really, who’s that drunk, with a prego wife when it’s clearly not even evening?

    Merika, fuk ya.

  17. Well done to those cops! Kick his ass he deserves it for being such a douche. Wish we had cops as dedicated as that in South Africa!

  18. “I’m fucking pregnant!!!”

    Stay classy there mom.
    Cops should have tazered her for good measure along with the fetus.

  19. All he needed to get out of that situation was a healthy application of lubricant and willingness to experiment.

  20. is she really that clueless? being pregnant doesn’t exempt you or any of your relatives from the law. The man was clearly intoxicated in public, resisting arrest and putting up a fight when he was clearly in the wrong (and refused to be subdued)… glad you posted this for all the world to see – and can be used in court for proof. and yes, they are breeding. doesn’t hold much faith in humanity with such progeny… ugh…

  21. i am just curious , the cop said he was under arrest for resisting arrest..? i am from Canada so maybe things work differently here , but don’t you need to have done something wrong in order to even resist arrest.

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