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  1. So this little kid hasn’t noticed that his parents have these things called “FEET”, and they can simply shuffle through his mess and beat him to within an inch of his life? Oh wait… the unimaginative idiot who added the unimaginative caption to this photo didn’t realize that. Gotcha.

  2. Multiple fails here.
    First – caption fail. It’s highly probably that the photo is meant to be a show off. “See, I’ve got so much of this I can easilly cover my room’s floor.”
    Second – kid fail. Why the would anybody of that age have so much of LEGO (I suppose it is LEGO) for 3 year old kids? These huge useless blocks? In that age, he should be doing insane functional constructions and vehicles from Technic. Or better, from some much more meaningful and variable construction set like Merkur.
    Third – parents fail. By buying expensive and useless things to your children you are creating a generation of careless idiotic selfish trash with no respect to material nor mental ownership.

    1. wow dick much… it’s not the kids fault he has so much legos geezus lol some one jelly of the lego collection lol. wow you are something else. and how are you going to complain about what people want to buy their children ok so maybe todays kids dont quite have the imagination like children from the 80s 70’s 60’s doesnt mean they are idiots just means times a changin so chill out kemosabe it’ll be ok i assure you it’s not the end of the world ***** and no fucks were given about punctuation or spelling so meh :p*****

    2. Obviously somebody’s parents didn’t buy them the lego set they wanted for Christmas…

      but anyways, let’s look at some obvious factors that defy your “fails” here:

      First: Or it could be that he was trying to find something. The thing, we don’t know what this kid was thinking.

      Second: All those legos can fit in that one bin. It’s really not that much. Think of it mathamatically: At least 20 pieces for a small lego set. 250 pieces for a standard bucket. 300+ pieces for more advanced models. And with a great passion in building with legos, think of the family members and friends who buy him presents for his birthday and random holidays? You can easily get that much lego within a year.

      Third: Parents win. Obviously they see that he has a gift in creation and building, so to help emphasize on it, they bought him more supplies.

      Obviously, YOU FAIL.

    3. Spokk, please chill out. It’s a funny pic. Who knows what the situation was in the 1st place. Mom and Dad may have booby trapped his room to make him got to bed. Maybe they told him if he builds something awesome he’ll get to play his play station. Dude, Chill out!

    4. Wow you’re an undereducated idiot. Lego has long been and still is the number 1 brand of toys for promoting individualism and creativity within children. The only way Lego fails is by giving guide books on how to make things, because parents usually take these books as a method to tell their kids what they’re building is crap, ergo, destroying their creativity.

      Don’t bash something just because you never had a childhood dude. Your arguments are lame and you should just crawl under a stone.

    5. Jason: You suppose I need to chill out. I am amazed. I’ve seen this behavior only amongst Americans, so I suggest you are one, for purely statistical reason. Here’s the deal: people all over the world can criticise a thing without being angry. It requires you to be civilized, somewhat educated, have at least average intelect and not to be religious fanatic nor political extremist. I fit in this description. I’m perfectly calm. Yep, I actaully had thought about it and about how to write it before I wrote it.
      And if some parts, I guess the last sentence mainly, seems to come with anger or passion, take that as a literary device which is meant to impress.

    6. Spokk you have raised some valid points, but would further like to add one. I think he has so much Lego because his parents beat him in alcohol and drug fulled rages, and then guilt and realization of sobriety force them “to make it up” with Lego.

    7. could even be hand me down LEGOs, you know father to son in addition to adding more I have known many kids to have lots of LEGOs

      by average intellect are you referring to any specific country or world wide? as average intellect is quite low on a mass scale as seen in mob mentality so to say that you have average intellect may not be as faltering as you believe.

    8. me: By average intellect I mean average intellect of whole human population minus people who have it affected pathologically. I do not reffer to any specific country. But let’s not pretend the numbers won’t differ country from country. Culture, education and many other factors surely cause variations.

  3. Really???? Good Luck??? A pair of shoes or boots will fuq up his world, not only did the lego plan not work but he;s gonna still got that whippin on the legos (no shoes) then he’s gonna have to clean them up and as added insult every time he finds a broken or bend piece he’ll be reminded of this dumb-ass idea……

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