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    1. right, if yes, then gratulation for this perfect photoshop.

      is just a pillow or something else in her pants

  1. if she really has that ass, then she must have a tumor or something like that, isnt natural that big ass with that body

  2. where as the size of the ass looks fake, i cant see any obvious signs of bad Photoshop use such as warping, if this is indeed Photoshop then its quite impressive for an amateur

  3. How do these knee-grows procreate at such a staggering rate?
    Who would copulate with these fugly beasts?
    Oh that’s right…..the down-low bucks would and do.

  4. Sadly this doesn’t actually have to be shopped. She might simply be suffering from Steatopygia, an abnormal degree of fat acccumulation in the buttocks.

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