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  1. If this site doesn’t stop making people sit through 30 second commercials before they can watch any video uploaded here they will no longer have any visitors – PERIOD! Three for three videos had commercials today – sucks big time! I know you need to make money but give us a skip option after 5 seconds like YouTube does!

    1. I agree, I’ve sat through that Black Ops II advert FOUR FUCKING TIMES now, I don’t need to see it again. I already own it too.

      I understand to sit through one or two adverts a day to support the site, but not for every single video!!!

      But try downloading Adblock Plus. That stops Playview videos!

    2. Really? Commercials? Never seen one here ever. Is this why the videos have been taking forever to load lately?

    3. Agreed. Seeing ads in the middle or beggining of a youtube vid, other site vids, or a game doesn’t make me want to but a product, it makes me want to rally people up against it to never buy it. EVER! and Chaddy B sucks -.-

  2. this is what equality for retards leads to

    fuckers never stop bitching first was to long to stream now its can’t wait 30 seconds for a strong stream

    1. @Punch My Drunk Ass, Nothing Wrong with “FISHY” Mouth… Is “Fishy” Tongue still up your ass…. Damn…..

  3. The biggest fail here is you have to watch a 30 second commercial before you can watch the video. Even if you want to watch it a second time, you have to watch the fuckin’ commercial a second time!!! FUCK YOU EP!!

  4. oh ya were bitching now bcuz were asking for a video to load fast? i mean its only 2013 i dont think were asking too much do you? it seems like the rest of the internet figures it out

  5. guys, use adblock with chrome. Also, this isn’t bad enough to be a fail. He’s a fucking child. That shit isn’t bad for a kid.

  6. what the hell!! lil white ass people got no business throin “nigga”areound! shit i didnt see one black person in that stupid ass video… i swear

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