Bitch Please Win



Submitted by Kelly

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    1. Maybe it doesn’t get in his eyes, but he can lick it off the glasses for hours. I just don’t understand why he does it on his knees, with a dildo shoved up his ass. On a happier note, I’d fuck the two girls.

    2. @FISHY, Fuck that 2 girls???? HOW???? They want a real man cock not your little Tadpole……
      But “GETTNit” love any size cock….

    1. The chicks are jailbait and the one on the right is questionable. It looks like she has an Adams apple.

    2. Thats no Adam’s apple. Thats just because she deep throats cock all the time.
      And they are certainly older than 14. I’d put their age at being 18 in my state. The one on the left is the good looking one.

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