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    1. @2homo, I’m the guy on the right. You are the wimp fag in the middle. See the “I just sucked their dicks” expression on your face? I rest my case. And my balls on your nose!

    1. they make the skin that dark so muscles is easier to see so u are a fail dumbass thats not a tan.. lol..

    2. Neither of those guys look big enough to have bothered with steroids. This is probably a natural bodybuilding competition. And the dude in the middle’s got to be taking the piss, in which case: humour win.

    3. its called “spray on bronzer” an artificial way of “tanning” or darkening of the skin regardless of the reason it is still fake and therefore like those drug induced muscles worthy of a fail.
      so go back to fucking your blow up girlfriend and leave the commenting to those who know what they are talking about

  1. Well, at least the one in the middle doesn’t look like a ribbed turd. Oh, bodybuilders (at least outside natural bodybuilding) look so silly these days.

    1. of course I meant to say “ripped”, not “ribbed”… oh well, comes down to the same anyway.

  2. Honestly the only one who looks normal is the one in the middle… When you need to turn your body into something out of a bull contest, and that you are more tanned than Donatella Versace, i smell an issue 😀

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