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i live with my boyfriend and i am in love with our mutual best friend, who has never had a gf, he loves me back (we are all over 20 y.o.) i can’t tell anyone about this, so i registered here, so i can post this. EF

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  1. You need to face reality and not run everywhere else. Grow a pair and tell the dude. If he loves u back, go fucking be with him and shit. BUT BITCH, tell your boyfriend NOW and don’t be a SCANDALOUS PIECE OF SHIT, okay? Alright.

  2. UUUUUUmmmmm, so im just wondering why you put this on the internet? You do know that ‘ www ‘ means world wide web right ? so you are making sense in front of the whole world and that your boyfriend can go to the history of your computer to see that you posted this.

  3. You are NOT in love with your best friend. You may care for him and like him, but you’ve never loved him. At the moment, I don’t have the inclination to tell you what I mean by that, just know that you have never loved him, or possibly ever will. Having said that you should tell your current boyfriend that you fail to feel any semblance of caring that would be required to stay with him in what could be, a loving relationship, not that you’ve ever loved him either. Know this though: until you have figured out what love is, you’ll never find a man to be with for the longevity of your existence.

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