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    1. i knew from the preview when i saw no teeth it was going to suck but if you pay attention he’s actually using a green screen

  1. ughhh…a couple things. first off chuddy d is officially off the hook. next. is this toothless guy using a stores computer and internet to make a video? this guy is in a store. what the shit?

  2. How embarrassing! He’s at a store TRYING to rap and looking like a fool. Some people are crazy, I’m super cereal!

  3. lol it looks like hes using the display to upload this video…hurry before someone who works there starts to question wtf youre doing!!!

  4. I see that 2homoleo is trying his non-existant rapping skills again. Guess he couldn’t get a date at the local NAMBLA chapter so he is passing the time by attempting to rap. Fail, 2homoleo. Fail.

    1. Dear Fishy
      I knock out some of your teeth’s so that you can give BJ to ever Tom, DICK’S and El Bastardo…….

    1. The video is above if you’re trying to find it. Contacts? I wear contacts, but sometimes I wear glasses instead.

  5. I had a nightmare like this once. i was so scared that i woke up and found out i pissed my bed..

  6. the guy has balls, he is not good looking , missing a few teeth but has the balls to do what you guys don’t, so gig him some fucking credit

  7. The part where the woman tells him to turn it down is the best though.

    I bet this guy is really nice and caring in real life.

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