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    1. I think the fail consists in they guy (who’s presumably the father) holding the toy pistol to one kid’s temple and the plastic knife to the other’s throat. But I have to admit that “well, at least they’re only toy guns” was my first thought as well.

  1. Well this certainly is a fail, but so, because no one in that family will ever buy a gun legally. These border-jumpers, like everything else in their possession, is stolen. Thank God for people like me that can buy guns legally to protect myself from his spawn one day.

  2. Sooo.. WTFE. They’re only toys. Sorry can’t say the same for Troy who’s only the typical asswhole that makes real American sound like complete dicks. That “spawn” you talk about may one day write your welfare check so be nice you redneck, dirty, trailer trash. In reality, the “border jumpers” don’t steal, they work. Something you may not know about. I can bet you don’t even have the balls to pull a trigger, people like you usually hide racism and hide behind the shadows. So YOU’RE A FUCKING COWARD!!!

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